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Part of the ToTAL ASLTM Package


Dispatches From the Far West

Issue 1.1                                 MOSCOW                            9 May, 1994


!MAY DAY! Your roving reporter covering the ASL beat betwixt Etobicoke and Esquimault plus select spots between.

Past, present and future

mingle in this issue with intriguing consequences. Meanwhile delegates are being sought to spread the workload a little lighter and the coverage alittle thicker.

Getting There;The question is not How? But Why?


Without further ado I shall surrender  the helm to our own

Mr. Manners himself William "Uncle Bill" de la Polecat Esq.



Nervous about what tomorrow may bring? Sweating with effort merely convincing yourself that the Sun might rise? Be calm Gentle Reader Bill has some of the answers to none of your questions. !Shill I am! de la Polecat: Maybe you've heard something about the course that ASL will be taking in the near ny insights? CPT. F. Wolfe

Well of Course! Scan the chart below.

The Avalon Hill Bestseller List
Year Issue SL SL All Time ASL #1 (All Time)
1977 15 #3 13


1978 16 #1 2


1979 17 #2 3


1980 18 #2 1


- SL(11)
1981 19 #2 2


1982 20 #2 2


- G.I.
1983 21 #2 4


- TELENGARD[Computer]
1984 22 #2 2


1985 23 #2 13


1986 24 #2 7


1987 25 #2 5


1988 26 #1 8


1990 27 #2 16



Based on sales through the first half of 1991 ASL ranks(no pun intended) 16th. SL is a no-show. The General Vol. 27 #4

Please note the afterthought where ASL vaults into 16th since vanishing after the 1987 listing. Meanwhile SL disappears after holding it's own and some-times  dominating this list since 1977. Is there a resurgence of interest in ASL? Are we peacefully resting in the eye of Hurricane ASL content in the belief that it will surely sweep the ocean one day?

I think not. Drizzle will be storm enough to dampen .

Peruse the list of the 13 #1 Titles. Four are Trivia based. Four more are Sport based. One is Fantasy based Computer no less. The four remaining are Board Wargames.TACTICS II is a reprint (which I by the way purchased only because it came with TAHGC's history thereof booklet). Two belong to the original SL system. CODE OF BUSHIDO(COB) stands alone as the sole member of the ASL family to sit atop The BESTSELLERS List. In the five years between the publication of ASL and COB's ascendancy the growth of the ASL fraternity (as witnessed by the numbers above) as been sporadic at best. ASL's banner days are already in the past.

This event (four years distant) marked the apogee of a revolutionary game's flight of fancy. As a dying star throwing off one last brilliant display of light before collapsing back to the empty blackness from which it was borne so have we band of brothers catapulted COB into the lime-light one final time. Is that ozone I smell? It's crater time Captain.

"Fortunately for us, top management has no such limitations 'as in listening to your heart rather than your checkbook ed.' and runs the company according to sound business principles; saving us from ourselves." ...a game company run by gamers within the limits imposed on them by businessmen.

The GENERAL Vol. 14 #5 pg. 2 col. 2


Bob'MacNamara ed.'will move onto the final "regular" module (tenatively'sic' titled "Armies of Oblivion"), which will complete the counter mix of the system..." Centrepiece of this module, optimistically slated for Spring 1993 release, is the vehicle and ordnance mix for the Axis and Allied Minors."

Rex A. Martin May 1992 ASL ANNUAL '92 pg. 78 col. 2

A SINGLE module with BOTH sides' minors by early 1993. Optimistically.

Next on Bob MacNamara's schedule is, rather obviously, KAMPFGRUPPE PEIPER II (due for release in Spring 1994)." Following this, the next item on the agenda will be to complete the basic system by releasing the Axis and Allied Minors' vehicle with two CROIXE DE GUERRE style modules. March To Oblivion covering the Axis Minors' arsenal will appear in late 1994. Tenatively'sic' titled Doomed Battalions the Allied minor companion is planned for an early 1995 release."

Rex A. Martin ASL ANNUAL '93B pg. 48 col.

2 TWO modules by early 1995 AFTER a superfluous KP I + II! Obviously? Rather.

31" X 45" mapsheet 31" X 45" mapsheet
390 1/2" counters 260 1/2" counters
88 5/8" counters 176 5/8" counters
7 ASL scenarios 4 ASL scenarios
1 ASL Chapter O 1 ASL Chapter P
$25 Vol. 26#1 $35

A comparison of RB with KPI shows a marginally smaller module 40% costlier.

"Or should we settle for smaller and smaller print runs for a continually shrinking audience? Unfortunately if ASL fails we will probably not see another wargame with such lavish trappings pass this way for a long time as most companies will relegate the wargame category to smaller print runs and correspondingly modest budgets."

Don Greenwood threatens in The GENERAL Vol. 21 #5 Philosophy 107 pg. 31 col. 1

The ONLY company for which Mr. Greenwood can speak as far as I know is The Avalon Hill Game Company. TAHGC very well might be the only company with a wargame department. Would a more modest budget delay completion of a project? Is a smaller print run responsible for higher per unit costs and prices? Does a smaller than anticipated audience demand that new production be stretched out interminably in order to profit from such a limited but captive consumer? I think so. Semper Fi.

"We treat ASL players no better than other gamers; they pay their own way by buying the extras, which is why we keep making them. In fact we probably treat non-ASL players better when all the dollars and cents get put into the right columns."

Rex A. Martin replies in The GENERAL Vol. 26 #1 Letters pg. 18 col. 3

"Almost Gone! The SL modules are history. We will honor orders on a first come first served basis until the limited supplies run out. After that there won't be any more-ever."

The GENERAL Vol. 23 #3 back page

The correct business decision to my mind. A game responsible for possibly 250,000 unit sales for TAHGC out of print! So what? I've just checked my basement where I found 120 different games(ie. ASL plus all of it's modules counts as 1 game) bearing TAHGC logo in one form or another. Of those !! are no longer in their most current catalogue. Am I shocked by this massacre of games which I thought of highly enough to purchase? I am neither shocked nor do I even care. It' simply part of the Game. In the publishing industry it's either publish or perish buddy the OTHER part of the Game. By publishing I don't mean printing merely for printing's sake. You have to be producing something that's going elsewhere then to the discount bin to defray your expenses. If you don't make your bottom line for too many quarters running your entire business is going to the discount bin.

Aside from RISKTM 1959 MONOPOLYTM 1935 (100,000,000 copies in print last I heard) PARCHEESITM 1874 TRIVIAL PURSUITSTM 1981 (gross of $3,000,000,000 minimum with no end in sight. Checkout all those expansion modules.) SCRABBLETM 1948 one does not see very many games on the shelves for more than five years before they disappear via the discount bin. Why is that you ask? The market for them if it ever existed in the first place has been saturated and reprinting can't be justified due to sluggish sales with no prospect for growth. TAHGC is affected by these basic market principles and must respond to the accordingly or suffer the consequences. ANYTHING which does not sell must be ditched. Only ACQUIRE, TWIXT, FACTS IN FIVE, OUTDOOR SURVIVAL and DIPLOMACY come to mind immediately as even approaching the previously mentioned games in steady year after year sales with a potential for market growth. The People On The Hill cannot afford to keep moribund titles in stock indefinitely and survive to produce those excellent games we have come to expect. Their design staff is unequalled in the Game Industry. Not everything that they produce is to my liking but Their RBI Total is very high indeed.

TAHGC has now reprinted all four modules for the original system. The GENERAL Vol. 25 #4 pg. 36 col. 3

A bad decision. The potential for real growth just does not exist in this tired and dated title. If this game had been redone as a relatively simple introduction to ASL with:

1. American,Soviet and German Squads ca. 25 each, Leaders plus Support Weapons(SW) $9
2. No Vehicles a few Guns(GUNS) and a smattering of Neutral Counters $6
3.Much abridged and PROGRAMMED ASL Rules in loose-leaf format(16pp. dbsp) $5
4. Chintzy tongue-lock binder for said Rules $2
5. Two Player Aid Charts $2
6. The original four Mapboards $20
7. 10 - 12 suitable scenarios in ascending order of difficulty $2
8. The original packaging as much as possible. ie. SQUAD LEADER INTRO(SLI) 3 Total $49 Shelf Price . I'd buy it pronto. Purple Packed Pair 'O Dice. Perfect! $35 - 45
9. Forthcoming DeLuxe scale mapsheets of SL boards 1 - 4 $60
10. ARMOUR LEADER INTRO. This is the last safe point on which to establish your ceiling on vertical development. I suggest 3 vehicle types per side (ie. PKW VG PKW IIIL and SPW 251 for the Germans) and 3 vehicles of any one type per scenario max. The ASL Vehicle Rules will have to be stripped to their bare bones. If they can't be made to work scrap them and try a new simpler approach. If one can't be found scrap the whole module. This is the watershed of true Miniature WarGaming. From here you can't reach the Sea in a lead canoe.

There would have been something interesting in this package for both the novice and the grey-beard desirous of a device suitable to introducing new Players to the system or even just to play ASL at a lower level of sophistication. Who needs an excuse to sit down with DeLuxe? $35 - 45 is not excessive for a stand alone taste of ASL. The decision to reprint was a sign of weakness more becoming of a follower than a leader. SLI could have been an item with real potential for market growth and would have helped rather than hindered ASL. A display of consistency in policy and of unity in purpose would have served to concentrate TAHGC's energies instead of dispersing them. Confidence is essential to survive in the present environment. All ASLers will suffer needlessly due to this vacillation along with TAHGC itself.

Check the numbers on Page 1 again. SL moved a lot of units. Where are the people who bought these games? Certainly not many of them are buying ASL. If they are buying I don't see them being reflected in The Best Sellers List. If they are still playing I don't see them in The What People Are Playing List. Where did they go? Undercover I hope. It would be a real shot in the arm to attract these Players back to ASL.

Some Players I've met exude a refined air of stratified rareness. These haughty sage creatures smug in their intimate knowledge of every hidden path extant in the ASLRB distilled off of the seething mass of SL rabble purified yet again with each baptismal shower of esoterica thrown on to cleanse the klutzes weed out the weak stifle the shy to bar entrance itself unless the elect permit having commandeered The Good Ship ASL into near vertical development will surely see their religion take hold on a planet other than the one on which SL was invented and the one upon which they spend little enough time. Enough I say.

Let's change the perspective. Let's theorize that the best elements of the SL group the GAMERS not the lawyers were being distilled off the pool of SL enthusiasts. As the heat goes up and more GAMERS are boiled away with each new Byzantine complication until at the bottom is a layer of sludge. Highly vocal but sludge nonetheless. The kind that constipates the plumbing or sticks to the bottom of your shoe. Sludge myopic as a prerequisite to fanaticism shuttered against all outside influence which indicates that a reckoning is imminent or that nobody is following them to their doom. SLI would give us back what was best about SL with the improvements of ASL sans sludge.

Limit the vertical development to about the same level of difficulty that the original SL offered. Get the GAMERS back and then take the system horizontally to Korea as COMPANY COMMANDER INTRO with the late WW II Marines as the piece common to ASL. As should have been done before develop it vertically with a ceiling on complexity clearly in mind right from the git go.

Another link could be made to Viet Nam then Desert Storm and so on. A game system with a point of departure a common thread running through it and a goal.

"In simplifying the game system and making it more accessible, we expect it shall become far easier to issue new mapboards scenarios and a host of other accessories at a greatly enhanced pace."

Don Greenwood states in The GENERAL Vol. 20 #3 pg. 45 col. 1

"Besides greatly aiding comprehension by having all of the game system in one place in reorganized form it will allow me to utilize hindsight to revamp the system where necessary to streamline it and improve on it's basic simplicity."

Don Greenwood The GENERAL Vol. 17 #5 pg. 23 col. 2

"SQUAD LEADER is set in WW II with each counter representing a single officer nco(sic) or squad. Borrowing heavily from both miniatures and PANZERBLITZ it promises to be an extremely colorful game. The beauty of this one lies in the extremely simple game mechanics."

The GENERAL Vol. 13 #1 Philosophy 55 pg. 2 col. 3

"(does anyone detect a trend here?)"

Robert MacNamara asks in The GENERAL Vol. 21 #1 pg 37 col. 3.

SYMPTOMS a) as many as 10,000 but probably closer to 8,000 ASLers in a psychologically eccentric orbit well past the Moon(Hi! Alan) with no visible means of support nor any link to mere Earthbound Gamers.

b) 15,000 unsold ASLRB's threatening a collapsed gravity field in Towsend.

c) increasingly chaotic ASL production schedule. Although not unusual in and of itself the entire system appears to be teetering on the brink of a void.

d) geometrically geared price increases due to a shrinking market. To test the veracity of this ask yourself:


1) is the ratio between the active ASLers in your current circle of Players and ex-ASLers and SLers in your total gaming experience > 1?

2) if you went to consecutive Tournaments (ie. Avaloncon '92+"93) did you see more new Players than no-shows from the previous year?

3) did KP I deliver more bangs for more bucks?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions check Symptom (a)

PROGNOSIS ASL is clinically dead. Enough die-hards exist to bring a Frankensteinian hybrid to life a la EUROPA but don't hold your breath waiting for TAHGC to actually finish what they started. William de la Polecat II Esq.

Thank You Bill for that brief synopsis on ASL's future. Agent "K" is still anxiously awaiting your frenzied replies just as we are awaiting our next guest. In the meantime any Questions?

MEDIC Q. If a Fanatic MMC creates a Hero is the Hero Fanatic? Chapter A sec.( .18 10.8 15.1 and 15.2 ) A. No. 'Sabotage by an ex-KGB mole ed.'

A. Yes.




Sarasota FL Feb. 23 1994: Mr. Fosdick "Fozzie" Wolf two unidentified compatriots, his game collection and house disappeared into a large sinkhole early yesterday morning smack dab in the middle of an RB Campaign. How rude! Mr. Wolf is listed in the Book of Game Records as having the largest assemblage of ASL components outside of a certain Baltimore warehouse. It's not known if there is a connection between the two. The search for survivors has been abandoned due to a freak weather alert. Moscow SSR(?) Mar. 6 1994: Spokespeople for The Department of the Interior announced the publication of their latest project to attract foreign capital. SLUDGE LEADERTM(!a poor translation choice ed*!. ) is the old KGB's simulation of the rise from genetically engineered birth through political obscurity into a position of absolute authority. The hefty 587pp single spaced Vol. 1 with no illustrations to dilute or breakup the text takes your Perfect Hero of the Socialists Workers Paradise from zygote to initiate for the Party Youth League. Expansion kits which take your SMC through further trials(literally) and tribulations are in the pipeline'where they belong ed. ' Errata was mentioned by one local newsman whom I can confirm is now in the pipeline himself. $1.75 US plus the usual exchange surcharges.








March 19 1994 Dear Mr. G!!!!!!!!; Amidst the tundra and boreal forests of The Great White North exists an exotic and self-righteous creature responsible for an ASL ragzine titled FIRE GROUP WEASLe. Ce sont nous. The next issue will deal with the direction which the ASL system will take. 'to know the future study the past' has always been one of yours truly's most favoured cliches. The article which I am developing deals closely with quotations lifted directly from TAHGC's The GENERAL. Your intimate(relatively speaking) involvement with the development of SL and ASL results in the bulk of these quotes being attributed to yourself as I'm sure you can see from the raw data enclosed which will be formed into my thesis. None of this letter or material presented in this logical(paranoid) form is intended for publication without the approval of my controller Agent !!!. At first glance the conclusions drawn may appear inimical to TAHGC and possibly to yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth as I happen to agree whole-heartedly with everything you have said unless noted specifically otherwise. For me the conclusions drawn are inescapable in regard to the viable policies outlined within the pages of The GENERAL during your tenure as Editor and Grand Poohbah of the Printed Word. The whole point of this letter is a request of you from me. Please could you find in your busy schedule time enough to respond to my article before It's published (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)? Perhaps there are important issues which I forgot to address or esoteric facts of which I am ignorant. If so I would be grateful of enlightenment. Of course we would reciprocate by not publishing any reply without the sanction of your controller (or howsa 'bout if !!! doesn't receive a definite denial of use by say !!!!!!!!!!?. We would be very grateful for any suggestions unpublished archival sales numbers TAHGC's annual report full colour catalogs from previous years pertinent sections of The GENERAL (Vol. 10 #1 - Vol. 28 #6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to read or other sundry avenues I have yet to approach. If any of these materials are available for mere money we would appreciate a price list. I am striving to have as broad a foundation as possible for this article. Thank You By Your Leave Operative WEASLe







4/7/94 Dear !!! I was happy to receive your latest package last week. Reading through it however was another matter... As I mention in March's Fire Group (enclosed) I couldn't be happier that you've decided to follow the Fire Group format with your own newsletter. However distancing yourself from Fire Group Weasle while tying it to me is quite inappropriate. As a writer editor and publisher you are responsible for what you say not me! Thus I found it very surprising that you intended for me to mail your draft of Fire Group Weasle II to !!! !!!!!!!!!. I can't say that I agree or disagree with what you say much less understand the point you're trying to make. How can I be expected to send it off to him in my name? I am not rebuking you nor discouraging you but I am saying that if you have something that needs to be said say it out loud and be proud of it. I urge you to send your draft to !!! !!!!!!!!! and tell him the point you're trying to make with it. If he responds write about it. and write about it in !!!!!!!!!! only ASL 'zine Fire Group Weasle! You certainly don't have to stand behind my newsletter. Listen: I have no pretensions-I publish a newsletter for myclub. I send it to my friends in the states and a couple of other people who have asked for it. But let's face it the content is very local. It's intended to be that way. If Fire Group Weasle takes a more political stand more power to you but make that stand as !!! !!!!!. With respect to Total Fire Group I can't say that the idea excites me very much. Not because I don't want to support ASL. Quite on the contrary. However I'm an anti-elitist. I spent six years in the adventure game industry with !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!('86-'92) and I came to believe very strongly that our industry is so small we can't afford to fortify classism within our ranks. Gamers should be inclusive not exclusive. In summation I once again thank you and marvel at your efforts. You can be a significant voice-temper it with wisdom. Go forth and prosper. You don't need Fire Group to prop you up. I will continue to enjoy ASL and publish Fire Group. And if I can help more people play ASL and find opponents that's enough for me. If you want to do more I support you-go for it and let us know how things develop. Sincerely !








Apr. 12 1994 Dear !!!!!; Thanks for the current issue of FIRE GROUP. It's always an interesting read. I see !!! is really barnstorming lately. With my vacation coming up in July I hope the Ladder finds a suitable place to call home.

ISSUES However, distancing yourself from Fire Group Weasle, while tying it to me, is quite inappropriate." Fire Group Weasle was born during a phone conversation we had this last Jan. 14 from 6:50 to 7:00 p.m. EDT. I asked if I could write for you using your format. Permission was granted. I then asked if you would be willing to take the point. You said that you would gladly take it. During this aforementioned conversation I also remember that my writing would be subject to your editing. The rough drafts which followed were subject to your OK. FIRE GROUP belongs to the LADDER. FIRE GROUP WEASLe couldn't even exist without the LADDER. We just had our 1st Annual ASL Tournament. Paid attendance? Six including !!!!! !!!!!!!. We just don't have the bodies to justify the effort except possibly with an annual retrospect. It's Kodak moment if four people show up at a regular meeting.

"How can I be expected to send it off in my name?" Because if you don't it won't be sent. The next issue of FIRE GROUP WEASLe will never see the light of day without your approval. The reason I seem to be hiding behind you was because I wanted to instill an espionage dossier-like flavour to FIRE GROUP WEASLe. Person or persons unknown moving behind the scenes to affect and comment on the ASL subculture while putting it into a context with the larger gaming field. Looks like my cover's been blown. If there is a problem with the content I would have preferred a returned manuscript with contentious points highlighted. Check The GENERAL Vol. 27 #1 Philosophy 139 to see the point. I'll assume that Mr. !!!!!!!!! did not receive his package nor that this issue of FIRE GROUP WEASLe meets with your approval.FIRE GROUP ToTAL. This was not intended as an elitist mechanism. What I had in mind was simply a bonus and stimulus for long-term members to attend regularly with those not qualifying help-ing out with our mountingexpenses. No demands were made merely proposals. Like it or not the LADDER is a major ASL club and can affect the hobby in a positive manner if it so chooses. TheIndustry is small. ASL is smaller stil yet there exists no stepping-stone between the game and the larger body of gamers. That first step is formidable.FIRE GROUP WEASLe exists solely

By Your Leave

From the Pages of The GENERAL

The game 'SQUAD LEADER' is so comprehensive and all encompassing that we are considering offering an extension kit of counters and scenarios for the Pacific War.

Philosophy 59 Vol. 13 #5 pg. 2 col. 2

If the game 'SQUAD LEADER' proves to be as popular as we suspect we'll put out expansion kits with additional boards counters and rules to cover specific situations (Remagen Bridge) different nationalities and more AFV's.

Philosophy 61 Vol. 14 #1 pg. 2 col. 3

SQUAD LEADER led our sales parade (ORIGINS '77). Expansion kits for SQUAD LEADER are already in the works.

Philosophy 62 Vol. 14 #2 pg. 2 col. 3

The initial response to SQUAD LEADER has been so overwhelmingly favorable that pub- lication of the promised expansion kits seems assured.

Philosophy 63 Vol. 14 #3 pg. 32 col. 3

Plans call for an eventual series of six gamettes...

Philosophy 64 Vol. 14 #4 pg. 2 col. 2

There is only so much time in a day and we have to devote the bulk of it to those projects with the largest sales potential. The SQUAD LEADER game boards will be offered as part of a series of games and will therefore have a more salable package and consequently a more receptive audience.

Philosophy 67 Vol. 15 #1 pg. 31 col. 2

Not just hastily thrown together collections of new maps and counters CROSS OF IRON with it's massive new armor system 'the beginning of the end ed.' grew into a major design and testing process that matched or exceded the development of SQUAD LEADER itself.

Philosophy 68 Vol. 15 #2 pg. 2 col. 2

Plans for future gamettes will be held in abeyance pending futher sales evaluation.

Philosophy 70 Vol. 15 #4 pg. 2 col. 2

While we can foresee the problems with a rule book as complicated as CROSS OF IRON and make good our offer for free cor-rective rules to a limited mail order audience we can hardly afford to be so generous with 30-40 000 retail customers.

Don Greenwood replies in Letters Vol. 16 #6 pg. 33 col. 2

CRESCENDO OF DOOM will evetually be followed by two more gamettes- one featuring the Americans and Italians entitled G.I. ANVIL OF VICTORY and another on the Japanese approximately a year apart.

Philosophy 75 Vol. 16 #3 pg. 2 col. 2

... hopes to cooperate with Heritage in the future in joint ventures such as the promotion of a line of SQUAD LEADER miniatures. 'the end of our beginning ed.'

Philosophy 76 Vol. 16 #4 pg. 2 col. 2

Progress on the SL gamettes is pretty much at a standstill due to the press of work on other projects. Finally when all of this is accomplished 'African Theater and Japanese gamette plus a Campaign Game ed.' we will turn our attention to updating the entire system within the confines of one hardbound book.

Philosophy 81 Vol. 17 #3 pg. 42 col. 1

ARM: So you don't believe that wargames or even adult games will ever appeal to a mass audience?

TNS: No.

Alan R. Moon interviews Tom Shaw in Vol. 17 #5 pg. 40 col. 2

The completion of the system and publication of a completely revised hard bound rule book for the entire system may well do for tactical wargames what D+D has done for fantasy enthusiasts.

Don Greenwood replies in Letters Vol. 18 #1 pg. 45 col. 2

This set of Advanced Squad Leader rules will be published in loose-leaf binder format inside a bookcase sleeve . Hold on fellas. . . .it's 'G.I ed.' coming and it will be worth the wait.

Don Greenwood states in Philosophy 86 Vol 18 #2 pg. 44 col. 1

SL COD and COI fill the top three spots of the What You've Been Playing list with a combined frequency ratio of 28.1.

Vol. 18 #2 pg. 32 col. 3

LETTER DROP To solve drop the letters from each vrtical column into the empty squares immediately below them in the right order. Read fom left to right line by line with '*' as the end of a word and all punctuation deleted. The 'A' from the top of the 3rd col. has dropped 'Home'.
* * * * * * *
A * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

The obvious proof that this is the desire of the gamer is the continued sales growth of the SL family a phenomena'sic' in the industry.

Rex A. Martin replies in Letters Vol. 19 #5 pg. 45 col. 3

He 'Robert MacNamara' will be assisting Don Greenwood with the Advanced SQUAD LEADER Rule Book as well as taking on tasks that have been languishing for some little time and seeing them to completion.'Big Bob joins AH'

Infiltrator's Report Vol. 20 #5 pg. 47 col. 1

Don Greenwood will be hosting a seminar on the progress of the Advanced SL Rule-book a preview that any interested in the upcoming playtest should attend.

Philosophy 102 Vol. 20 #6 pg. 21 col. 3

Now that Banzai has been published the last hurdle to full time development of the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER Rulebook is behind us and progress should be steady towards a July 1985 publication date.

Philosophy 105 Vol. 21 #3 pg. 2 col. 2

Once ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER has been released at ORIGINS all further scenarios printed in these pages must conform to the rules and systems of that game.

Rex A. Martin in Letters Vol. 21 #4 pg. 45 col. 3

Despite the release of BEYOND VALOR at ORIGINS '85 the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER rule book and STREETS OF FIRE were delayed.

Vol. 22 #1 insert.

ASL Rule book advertised.

Vol. 22 #3 pg. 3

There is right now an ASL project of mine depicting the area of the Red Barricades Ordinance'sic' complex in Stalingrad.

'Chuckles' Kibler Vol. 22 #4 pg. 39 col. 2