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Dispatches From the Far West

Issue 2.1 FANTASYLAND Sept 15, 1995

RALLY Calling all Squad Leaders: Form up, Listen up, then Sign up. This rag's purpose is to bring about, by whatever means necessary, a new GAMEMASTER Series game called SQUAD LEADER INTRO.This game will be based on The Avalon Hill Game Company's popular SQUAD LEADER system with a few manageable carry-overs from ASL General Milton Bradley's(no relation to Omar) GameMaster Series will set the standard of quality for which to strive. Target date Jan.1 2000 AD.
PREP SLI will be played on SL board #1 in DeLuxe scale(61"X22") I made mine myself, so unless you've got Chuckles Kibler on your payroll get to it. Epic scale(5mm) World War II infantry miniatures will be de rigeur. Three men to a stand(5/8"X5/8" familiar size?) for a squad, two for a half-squad and one for a lone but all important Leader. The rulebook cannot be longer than 32 pages in Grade 7 English with at least half of that devoted to full colour detailed diagrams. Therefore we have 16 pages of double-spaced text, hopefully programmed as was the original SL Rule book, with which to work, so limit your simulation flights of fancy accordingly. A card driven system a la UPFRONT should be considered as this would simplify the learningprocess and make for a really wild game. The field is wide open. Use your imagination. Remember, plagiarize enough sources and you become a scholar.



In ASL the routing of Broken Units is one of the murkiest Rule Sections extant. If RALLY POINT COUNTERS were placed by Scenario definition with broken Units Routing towards such counters at the start of the Movement Phase with the Opponent routing your Units, and vice versa, The Rout Phase could be abolished and the Rules pertaining to Routs could be shortened considerably. SLI needs shortcuts like this and plenty of them. I need to hear your opinions on this plus your ideas on simplifying the Infantry Fire Table, Close Wombat et al. This job is too big for one person, so Please, lend us a hand
OBIT It is my sad duty to pass on news of the untimely death of The Toronto ASL Ladder(ToTAL) What I thought of as one of the strongest ASL groups around is no more. I believe the reason was stagnation. With upwards of  30 members they still couldn't attract enough new blood to keep the same 2 players from monopo- lizing the top spots. ASL can't attract new young players. SLI is specifically for new, young 'uns.



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