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Published by Manzakk Publishing inc. with a P.O. Box in Norwood, OH. Editor and publisher Timothy J. Kask.

vol. 1 no. 1 one july, 1981

The editorial "OFF THE WALL" explains the logical choice of this magazine's name as it will cover the entire spectrum of games. It's so obvious in hindsight. John Hill reports from Ottawa on Can Games 81 with Stephen Newberg in attendance. The Adventures of Space Trader Vic begin. A variant for Divine Right by the designers. Also variants for Traveller and Knights of Camelot. A review of Hartland Trefoil's Civilization. Boardgame Talk by John Prados.

vol. 1, no. 3 three september, 1981

The Society for Creative Anachronisms make a definite negative impression with the editor at Origins. Tony Adams helps getting started in miniatures. A brief rundown on Diplomacy variants available with Lewis Pulsipher. A review of Avalon Hill's Trieme. Fineous Fingers' impending arrival is announced.

vol. 1,  no. 4 four october, 1981

Al Leonardi is interviewed. Feudal Diplomacy variant by Lewis Pulsipher. John Prados reviews Winter Storm by Vanguard Games.

vol. 1, no. 5 five november, 1981

The cover article is on Gorgonstar's Titan by Davis Trampier. A brief game history of it's development follows. Jason McAllister discusses tactics. An ad is also included introducing the Battlelands supplement.

John Prados goes over Ironbottom sound by Quarterdeck. Computer Ambush is also reviewed, clearly showing why computer games are best done in a magazine devoted to the same. The strategy of Space Invaders by Atarai article only reinforces this point.

vol. 1, no. 7 seven

A Dragon on His Back by Rick D. Stuart and H. Ray Souder addresses Role Play addiction. Stategic Options in DIVINE RIGHT by Glenn Rahman, complete with map reproduction, goes over this game in detail and at length. The Bavarian Army by Marc Rubin has quite a bit of detail for miniaturists plus a two page center fold out in color. Lewis Pulsipher continues in the variant vein with fantasy and science fiction Risk. A Squad leader variant scenario by Bryan J. Bullinger. The Funny Pages now has four storylines to follow.

vol. 1, no. 8 eight

Off the Wall deals with people being shot and maimed while playing KILLER. Down with the King variant by Glenn Rahman. A large Victory in the Pacific variant by Robert A. Barrow. The 1981 game year by John Prados in Boardgame Talk. A variant for Airwar introducing Helocopters and ground rescue. The Trojan War designer notes by Glenn Rahman.

vol. 1, no. 10 ten

The Cowboy issue with Oregon Trail, Frontier 6, a guide to western games and reviews of I Will Fight No More Forever, The Alamo and Wild West. John Prados puts in even more column inches dealing with the problems of the Charles S. Roberts Awards.

vol. II, no. 1 eleven

After denouncing the Charlies they must do reviews of  1981 Charlie winners(Best 20th Century Game) Wings and (Best Role Playing Game) Call of Cthulhu. A scenario for Cthulhu is also included.The Funny Pages drops back to two with only Fineous Fingers and Space Trader Vic who happens to meet Ronny Raygun.

vol. II, no. 2 twelve

Off the Wall speaks of returning from the grave, but I'm not sure of exactly what he means.

John Prados in Boardgame Talk deals mainly with the SPI bankruptcy along with the quote, "The distributors and retailers lose one of their best sources of high quality products, in part because of the very deep discount rates from which they benefit."

vol.  II, no. 3 thirteen

Illuminati graces the cover and six full pages including Steve Jackson's Designer Notes. SPI's Dragonquest gets a variant. Cupboard Classics by Noyes Livingston introduces a four page variant for Feudal based on an article in The General vol. 15 #5.

John Prados in Boardgame Talk announces "Victory Makes It Happen" which is about the bulk of SPI's R&D department defecting en masse to form Victory Games under Avalon Hill's auspices.

Frank A. Joines jr. an alledged "retailer" takes umbrage at John Prados' previous Boardgame Talk column blaming distributor and retailer discounts for SPI's demise. The Fresno Board Game Journal has numerous references to Strategy and Tactics' own editorial column which actually point in this direction.

Short reviews and first impressions of Ghoulash, Antwars, Sanctuary, Judge Dredd, VI Caesars, Broadsides and Boarding Parties and Zulu Attack.

I'm not sure what happened to this one either

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