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"Where Boardgames Are Done"


Prices in $US (:slightly higher in Canada:)

A dedicated business/hobby site with a catalog for download plus a generous sampling of games for sale and items from my collection.
If a picture is not showing, sometimes by putting the pointer inside the picture frame and clicking the Right button on your mouse then choosing "Show Picture" works. Some pictures I've never seen no matter what I do.


The boring details


I'm using remote email so donot expect a quick reply.

Important: I've been getting upwards of 100 spams a day. I delete them before I do my mail download. If you do not put in an interesting subject line (Hello or Hi will not cut it) your mail will be deleted without being read.

Some people have the need to embed the pictures of items which interest them within their emails. No email with an embedded file will ever be opened. Thanks, but I have the picture already.

What's Cooking with Gamester's Collection?

Sid Sackson titles up to and including 1998

The Gamester Gauge is supposed to explain my game condition rating system.

Sadly I have suspended Web orders for the foreseeable future. I have a least 100 packed orders for deals that have never been seen through. They are taking up too much room. Critical mass has been reached. The only orders which I will even consider will be ones that consist of items previously prepared for shipment. I'll see about making a list. Sorry.



Gamester Database Search

I have a catalog in Works 4.5a spreadsheet (.wks)
catalog (SS)
I have the same catalog in text(.txt) which can also be read with MS Office, Access, Excel or any DOS based Spreadsheet or Database
catalog (text)

The games are listed alphabetically under their publisher. All prices are in $US, s/h not included and subject to change without notice.
A listing of my Games For Sale. Text (300K)
A listing of my Games For Sale. Table (1Meg)

A listing of my Games available for mail order (Packed for Shipping).

Latest Games Acquired  Save the trouble of loading my whole catalog, but get at least one copy first.

Gamester's Galleries of Games to Go Numerous picture galleries of games for sale. I do not have anywhere near my complete catalog pictured, but I'm working on it. Frame Set

Gamester's Gallery of Interesting but Gone Games Frame Set

Gamester's eBay seller list

Gamester's Books for Sale

Game Magazines for Sale


The Gamester